The following is taken from a small plastic card that I received as a gift from a dear friend....I hope you enjoy.


Monday:   Ask the Lord to completely surround your children with emotional, physical, and spiritual protection.


Tuesday:  Pray that they Lord will strengthen your children’s faith and will fill them with a passionate desire to want to seek and know Him, His word and His will.


Wednesday:  Ask the Lord to give your children godly wisdom in choosing their friends and peers, and to give them strength and courage to boldly take a stand for what is right.


Thursday:  Pray that the Lord would renew your children’s mind, helping them to remain pure in their thoughts and deeds.


Friday:  Ask the Lord to extend His blessing over the activities of your children, both academic and extracurricular, giving them alertness and clarity of mind.  Pray also for encouragement in their defeats and humility in their victories.


Saturday:  Pray that your children will be sensitive and compassionate to the needs of others, and that the Lord will help them act in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


Sunday:  Pray for and seek blessings, for those who are in authority over your children, asking the Lord to give them wisdom and understanding as they instruct your children.