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November 4 . . . . . . . . Good Hope Fall Festival 
Get ready for good old-fashioned fun & fellowship with your family & friends Watch for details  
Upcoming Fill-In Preachers
September 17   -  Joe Orr, First Baptist Mt. Enterprise, Retired
September 24 - Josh Wardle, First Methodist Church 
October 1 - Homecoming Sunday - Southern Plainsmen 
October 8 - Gideon Sunday  
Please let Leesa know if you need to add to this list. 
Good Hope's Pastor Search 
The elderly and those who are shut in for various reasons 
Our country  & its leaders
 Judy Dempsey 
Eddie Armstrong 
Our church and its members
 The following, their medical teams, and their families as they fight cancer:
Ashlee A.
 Annette B.
Amy B.
Judy D. 
Chet D.
Ken E.  
Amy H. 
Cheryl H. 
 Melissa M.
John R.
Kenneth S.  
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